The 21-Day Holiday Wellness Challenge

GRAND PRIZE: A 2-session wellness coaching package valued at $250!

This joyous time of year can also be stressful and indulgent. The 21-Day Holiday Wellness Challenge will encourage you to take a little time each day to improve your health and wellness... and avoid the holiDAZE!  You will earn one wellness point every time you successfully meet one of these five goals during the 21-day contest:

(1) Eating a healthful meal
(2) Twenty minutes of exercise
(3) An act of kindness
(4) Drinking 8 glasses of water in one day
(5) Expressing your gratitude

The honor system is firmly in place, as you will keep track of your own points and submit your tally via email at the completion of the challenge.  Each participant will receive a special gift from MJ just for taking part in the contest.

To join the contest, enter your name and email address below
.  You will receive an introductory message with all the contest details and great tips on how to meet each goal.   Final date of entry is December 2nd, and the contest runs from December 3rd to December 23rd.  Good luck & Healthy Holidays!